BreezyNotes is Simple EHR Software and Billing Services.

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Our software is simple. With BreezyBilling it’s free. Find out why more people are turning to BreezyNotes EHR with BreezyBilling to minimize the complexity of managing a mental health practice.

EHRs Should Be Simple

BreezyNotes EHR® is a powerful, easily understood tool that helps group and solo therapy practices manage scheduling, documentation, billing and more. Created by a therapist, BreezyNotes is intuitive and simple to use from scheduling to taking notes; from billing to payment.

Our three-step process makes note-taking as simple as possible. The video shows just how simple it can be. We believe that technology should enhance your practice through efficient, intuitive design. It should NOT have a steep learning curve or be a daily distraction from your work.

We also believe in security. That’s why our application runs on HIPAA-compliant, SSAE16 audited servers so you can rest assured that your data is always secure, accessible and backed up.

Billing Can Be Simple, Too

BreezyBilling™ takes the complexity out of managing a mental health practice’s revenue cycle. We specialize in mental health billing services so you can rest assured that when there are issues, we know exactly what to do and whom to call.

Combined with our intuitive EHR software, BreezyNotes EHR with BreezyBilling mean clinicians’ documentation gets done, claims get submitted immediately and paid out quickly. When problems arise, we report directly to you with ideas and plans to solve them.

Whether you’re an owner/provider or an Office Manager, BreezyBilling ensures a smooth transition and consistent revenue cycle.

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3 Step Session Completion

Schedule the Client

Drag and drop from your list of clients right to the calendar. Adjust the appointment time and the CPT code adjusts automatically.

Write the Note

From the calendar, you’re one click away from writing your note. BreezyNotes automatically imports details from your previous session note so you can quickly review and update.

Save, Sign and Submit

Our Save, Sign & Submit button makes front-end billing to insurance as simple as possible. Click once to complete the session and send it on to the insurance companies.

Simple Scheduling

At a glance, you need to know who you are seeing and when. That’s why we start off in the calendar. From there it’s one click to see a client profile, update an appointment or open a progress note. Drag and drop a client to schedule a new appointment or just click the calendar where you’d like to reserve time.

At-a-Glance Calendar

See your day, week or month laid out for you. Include all therapists for a practice-wide overview. Color coding shows upcoming appointments, which clients have been seen,  who’s ready for billing and whose appointments are paid or billed. Therapists can easily reserve time as well for a complete view of the practice’s time management requirements.

Learn how BreezyNotes fits your practice.

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