Billing Services the Breezy Way.


What is an Hour of Your Time Worth?

How much time do you spend each week on the phone with insurance companies, invoicing clients or chasing rejected claims? What else could you be doing?

Billing is a huge chunk of time for many private practice owners and office managers. It’s complex, time intensive and requires the tenacity to follow up and keep following up. That’s where BreezyBilling™ comes in.

Our billing services offering means you have professionals on your side who focus on nothing but billing. Coupled with our top-rated customer support, BreezyBilling is the perfect option for practices of all sizes.

BreezyNotes Launches November 5, 2015And BreezyBilling customers can use our top-class EHR, BreezyNotes, free of charge.


The bottom line:

You stay busy building your practice. We handle the busywork.


How It Works

You pick a date to start with us and we work backwards and forwards to ensure your income is maximized. Simply put, we:

  1. Help you manage the transition to BreezyBilling services and BreezyNotes EHR.
  2. Run eligibility checks for all active clients and confirm your payer participation.
  3. Scour past claims and follow up immediately on any that need to be fixed or resubmitted.
  4. Monitor and follow up on all claims submitted via BreezyNotes.
  5. Enter the remittance advice, manage any issues that arise, and make sure the whole process runs smoothly.
  6. Manage invoicing of all your clients.
  7. Then report back to you.

Just Three Clicks

Imagine: Three clicks is all it takes to write a progress note and submit a claim with BreezyNotes EHR. With BreezyBilling billing services, that’s the end of your concern. We handle the rest so you can rest assured that you are being paid for every possible minute of therapy you provide.


What Else is There?

We’d like to continue the conversation with you about BreezyBilling.

Email us to start an in-person discussion and get a free cost analysis for your practice.

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