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An example of an On Deck Announcement. Click here to see a full issue of Trade Winds Weekly Digest.

“On Deck” is the section of Trade Winds Weekly Digest where you can submit an announcement to the mental health clinicians who read it every week.

An announcement could be about:

  • workshops
  • support groups
  • new books
  • new locations for your practice

Basically, an announcement should be something that other clinicians will be interested in hearing.

If you think your announcement fits the bill, feel free to submit it in the form below:

On Deck Announcement Submission

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If you'd like your announcement to include a link, put it here.


We have a few rules around these announcements:

  1. Submissions may not exceed 200 characters.
  2. Any links submitted with an announcement must be a direct link. Links that contain redirects will be rejected.
  3. At this time, we do not allow images to be submitted with announcements.
  4. We reserve the right to reject any announcement.