A Simple EHR with Great Features

3 Step Session Completion

1.  Schedule the Client
2.  Write the Note
3.  Click “Save, Sign & Submit.”

That’s it!

Client Portal

Move your intake paperwork online, send and receive secure messages, allow your clients to schedule themselves based on your availability. BreezyNotes allows for all of this and more in its mobile-friendly Client Portal.

Appointment Reminders

Studies show that text appointment reminders can reduce No-Shows by 42% compared to no reminder at all! With BreezyNotes Appointment Reminders, you can make sure your clients get an alert an hour before, a day before, or just about any time you prefer.

Simple Scheduling

At a glance, you need to know who you are seeing and when. That’s why we start off in the calendar. From there it’s one click to see a client profile, update an appointment or open a progress note. Drag and drop a client to schedule a new appointment or just click the calendar where you’d like to reserve time.

At-a-Glance Calendar

See your day, week or month laid out for you. Include all therapists for a practice-wide overview. Color coding shows upcoming appointments, which clients have been seen,  who’s ready for billing and whose appointments are paid or billed. Therapists can easily reserve time as well for a complete view of the practice’s time management requirements.

Pre-Populated Notes

The BreezyNotes progress note is based on the SOAP note. Wherever possible, relevant data is pre-populated in your note. Each section of the BreezyNotes progress note is capable of drawing from the previous note when available or the diagnostic assessment where appropriate saving you valuable time.

Simple Supervision

Sign off on supervisee notes without hassle or worry. The supervisee report shows you all your supervisee’s notes in one place, where they’re ready to be super-signed by you. At the same time, BreezyNotes EHR gives you full control over whether supervisees can submit claims, view other clients, and access virtually any part of the software you choose.

Know Exactly What to Pay Your Contractors

Our therapist commission report shows line-by-line what what each of your independent contractors have charged and what’s been paid. Then it totals the payments based on the commission rates you set so you know exactly what you owe each contractor for any pay period.

Simple Billing. Simple Payments.

We dare to say it! But is there really such a thing as simple billing and payments? Working closely with a behavioral health billing professional, we made it true. BreezyNotes aptly handles secondary insurance and temporary authorizations, and it efficiently manages payments from both clients and insurance. The “numbers” side of behavioral health isn’t always fun. Your EHR shouldn’t make it a nightmare!

BreezyNotes EHR makes billing easy


Straightforward Fee Structure

BreezyNotes doesn’t charge for extra accounts or a flat monthly rate. We don’t think that’s fair. Instead, our fees are based on the signed notes you create each month. So if you’re building your practice, great! More notes means a lower cost per note. But if you don’t see as many clients one month, you’re charged less for that month. Pay for what you use—now that’s straightforward.

Learn how BreezyNotes fits your practice.

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